The Association “Wissensregion Düsseldorf e.V.“

Wissensregion Düsseldorf (WRD), full name “Verein zur Förderung der Wissensregion Düsseldorf e.V.“ which literally translates to Association for the Promotion of the Knowledge Region of Düsseldorf, is a registered association (“eingetragener Verein”/ “e.V.” in German) and has been founded by the big knowledge institutions in the region of Düsseldorf. The WRD is a union of the leading regional institutions in the fields of science, education and vocational training, of the local Chambers, economy and politics as well as culture and art. Our members are united in working with knowledge, the resource of the future, and in aiming at cooperatively shaping their research, teaching and application activities for the benefit of the region and its citizens.

The Knowledge Location: Düsseldorf and its Adjacent Region

Knowledge is the region’s commodity. North Rhine Westphalia’s state capital Düsseldorf, with its direct proximity to the Mettmann district and the Rhine district of Neuss, can communicate, act and build consensus quickly. As of today, modernity, quality of life, home of art and management as well as internationality and innovative drive are commonly associated with Düsseldorf and its adjacent region. The city has a unique combination of international trade fair, intercontinental airport and the seats of the Düsseldorf District Government, of an important Higher Regional Court as well as of the State Government of Germany’s most populous federal state. However, a successful knowledge location cannot thrive on strong single players alone, but only works through their connection and visualisation as well as through a common innovation strategy.

Düsseldorf, Mettmann and Neuss make up a region that excels in producing knowledge, art and culture. A great density of different universities, academies, research-intensive companies, but also of law firms, architecture offices and communication agencies can be found here, next to opera houses, theatres and museums which, each in their own way, all work with cultural and artistic knowledge and constantly produce something new.

Our knowledge region is where academic education, innovative vocational training and research meet management location, agency scene, architecture, fashion, art and culture.

Photo credit: Oliver Tjaden

Knowledge Region of Düsseldorf