Feel free to also visit the German version of our homepage! You will find the latest news in our blog, you can subscribe to our newsletter and check out our calendar of upcoming events. In addition, you will find detailed information on the various projects initiated and hosted by the association as well as our own podcast “inside iSem”. You can download our image brochure here (available in German only). On our social media (not yet available in English), we will also keep you informed about what’s going in the knowledge region of Düsseldorf – so check out our Instagram and Facebook accounts!

If you would like to obtain certain information in English, please click here to find out how to reach us and our partners – we will be happy to answer any questions you may have! Also, if you find that any interesting and/or useful information is missing, just drop us a message – we are grateful for your input!

Disclaimer: The English translation of the association’s homepage and the selection of links was issued with utmost care, but unintentional mistakes cannot be ruled out completely. When in doubt, please contact us directly: we will be happy to implement any appropriate corrections.


Photo credit: Oliver Tjaden

Knowledge Region of Düsseldorf