Employment-wise, Düsseldorf and the adjacent region are shaped by a broad mix of strong sectors. Henkel, Vodafone and Daimler are among the city’s biggest employers. The state capital of Düsseldorf itself is also a major employer with more than 10,000 staff members. All in all, Düsseldorf can count on 520,000 jobs in the city and is the most important German hub for the information and communication industry. In addition, more than 350 start-up businesses have chosen Düsseldorf as their ideal breeding ground.

Apropos: Düsseldorf’s economy is substantially shaped by its international significance and profile. Companies from 139 countries invest in the greater region of Düsseldorf. 1 of 7 companies in the area is foreign and there are 33 international chambers of commerce and external trade organisations in Düsseldorf. Germany’s third largest airport and 22 leading international trade shows complement Düsseldorf’s metro- and cosmopolitan spirit. Many companies in the greater Düsseldorf region owe their far-reaching success and their leading positions on the world market to their international staff – and they are always looking for someone with a new perspective and background to join the team.

Prominent sectors and industries in Düsseldorf include: food/gastronomy, automotive, trade, advertising, banking/finance, manufacturing, architecture, logistics, media, telecommunication, energy, chemistry, consumer goods, fashion, events, tourism, insurance, culture, creativity, European patent system, personnel services and business consultancy. You can find more information here.

Distinguished service: The Expat Service Desk ME&DUS

The Expat Service Desk of the state capital of Düsseldorf, the Düsseldorf Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the county of Mettmann is the central contact point for international professionals. It is a platform for all expat-related activities, counting on a vast network of regional partners and providing guidance and orientation for newly arrived, international employees. It also regularly hosts events for this specific target group. In 2019, the initiative came first at the awards of the “Innovative Wirtschaftsförderung” [innovative promotion of the economy] in the category “Regionen und kommunale Zusammenschlüsse” [regions and municipal alliances]. Whatever questions you may have relating to life and work in the region, the Expat Service Desk will be happy to help you.

You can also look up your contact persons as an international employee here.

Lifelong learning

If you would like to keep on educating yourself, you will find that Düsseldorf invites you to lifelong learning. The local “Volkshochschule”, the Düsseldorf Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Düsseldorf Chamber of Crafts as well as the regional universities all offer courses for adults that would like to intensify their expertise in a certain area or learn something completely new. Some courses may even be offered in English.

Arriving in Düsseldorf

The city’s department for foreign nationals offers special integration courses (comprising language and orientation courses) for which you might be eligible. If you would are looking for German courses, the Goethe-Institut, the association Intermigras e.V. and the local Volkshochschule may be good places to start with.

There is also a great number of associations, clubs and networks that promote intercultural exchange and invite you to join their activities, for example:

International schools and kindergartens

Several schools and kindergartens in Düsseldorf and the adjacent region provide education in a foreign language or have a bilingual focus. Here is a selection of institutions that may be of interest for international employees planning to bring their families to their new home:


Did you know that …

… more than 300,000 people commute into the city of Düsseldorf on a regular weekday?

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